John Rember is a fourth-generation Idahoan. Recurring themes in his writing include the meaning of place, the impact of tourism on the West, and the weirdness of everyday life.

In addition to MFA in a Box, his books include the award-winning memoir Traplines: Coming Home to Sawtooth Valley (Vintage: 2004), and three collections of short stories: Sudden Death, Over Time (Wordcraft of Oregon, 2012); Cheerleaders from Gomorrah: Tales from the Lycra Archipelago (Confluence: 1994); and Coyote in the Mountains (Limberlost: 1989). John has also published numerous articles and columns in magazines and newspapers, including Travel & Leisure, Wildlife Conservation, and The Huffington Post. He has been a professor of writing for many years, most recently as a core faculty member of the Pacific University MFA program (Forest Grove, Oregon). He is Writer at Large at The College of Idaho.

John lives in the Sawtooth Valley of central Idaho.

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